To get to know "Mila 23" better, complete the following tasks:


  • Visit and explore Mila 23 surroundings. Take pictures or screenshots of interesting features, such as traditional houses, boats, and wildlife.

  • Use Google Maps or a similar tool to navigate the canals and waterways of the Danube Delta. Take pictures or screenshots of any interesting landmarks, such as fishing spots, birdwatching locations, and scenic views.

  • Take a photo or screenshot of your favorite part of Mila 23 or the surrounding area and share it on social media with the hashtag #Mila23Discovery.

  • Use the Mila 23 village website or other online resources to learn more about the traditional lifestyle and culture of the Danube Delta.

  • Choose the best picture and submit it!

  • Answer the following question:


1. What is Mila 23 known for?

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