To get to know "Akçakale" better, complete the following tasks:


  • Visit and improve your knowledge on Silk Road through Black Sea.

  • Use a navigation app in order to explore the surroundings of Akçakale. Moreover, you may investigate worth a visits or where to eats by these apps.

  • Complete the task of photo scavenger hunt by taking the most beautiful and related pictures of Akçakale Castle and its features.

  • Visit in order to have more information and pictures about Akçakale Castle.

  • Have a look at what you took, choose the best picture and submit it.

  • Share the picture on social media channels with the hashtag #AkcakaleCastleHunt.

  • Answer the following question:


1. Which asset at the seaside has been associated with the defense of Trabzon, one of the most important cities of the Eastern Black Sea Region since ancient times?

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